Ealth of children living in poverty in hong kong

Health of children living in poverty in hong kong
Essay Outline
(a) The issue
The widening gap between rich and poor
Amongst the 1.02million persons below the poverty line (PL), 209000 were children aged under18. In other words, one in five of our children are living below the PL. (Carrie Lam,2013)
The poor population/household mainly found in districts like Kwun Tong, Yuen Long, Kwai Tsing, Wong Tai Sin, Sha tin and Tuen Mun.(Census and Statistics Department,2012)

Effects of poverty on children
-Significant effects on both their physical and mental health
-A Child Poverty health quality survey conducted by The Boysa & Girlsa Club Association of Hong Kong (2005) showed that children in poverty have more health problems, poorer results in academic performance, and poorer relationship with parents than those who living in the average family. Also, they have 5% higher tendency to commit suicide than the average family.
-Less than 50% of the parents stated that their children had a daily intake of fruits, vegetables and milk products and less parents from poor family indicated that their children had fruits, vegetables and milk products twice a day.(CUHK,2006)
-Parents from poor family reported that their children had symptoms of being anxious or depressed, somatic complaints and aggressive behaviours.(CUHK,2006)
-Less than half of them had a desktop computer, compared with the 64% average; and only a quarter owned a laptop, against the 43% average. (Jennifer Ngo,2013)
-Being poor also affected self-confidence:
more than 60% of the bottom tier did not believe they would achieve their goals in life, while more than half of the top tier believed they would attain their goals. (Jennifer Ngo,2013)
(b) Measures
a?Peopleas food banka?
It provides temporary food supplies to the poor who are in emergency. St. James Settlement formally established the Peoples Food Bank on 13 December 2003, providing the poor with temporary free food assistance.
-a?Community Care funda?
It established in 2011. Since its establishment, CCF has launched 24 assistance programmes covering medical, education, housing, welfare and home affairs areas for target beneficiary groups, including children, the elderly, the persons with disabilities, new arrivals..etc.

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