Ealth Optimisation: Chronic and Complex Nursing Care

George is 58years old and was recently admitted through the emergency department with an exacerbation of his long standing emphysema. When you see him in the medical ward he is obviously still struggling with his breathing, but determined to go home as soon as possible. He tells you that his doctor is not hopeful of much improvement and that he was told a?he only had 6 months to live at the mosta?.

Identify and critically discuss Georges holistic needs while in the medical ward and later in the community as he insists on going home. Your response should include the role of the nurse, Georges family and other members of the multidisciplinary team. No family is mentioned in the scenario, leaving it to you to create one that will allow you to demonstrate your abilities in this area.

It is expected that you will utilise a range of credible references including a mix of journal articles, books and accredited websites.

This assessment has been included to:

give students practice in demonstrating mastery in critical and reflective thinking and to provide a forum to justify ideas and to discuss the implications of the issues for health consumers, families and their own practice
offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the primary and secondary situations that may be present, and the consequences for the client, family and for nursing
foster critical thinking, communication and professional skills
ensure that students have an understanding of the social, cultural, and legal issues of care
provide students with an awareness of holistic practice and the importance of focussing on the clients lifestyle