Ealth Optimisation: Family, Community and Rural Nursing

Value: 60%

This subject focuses on family, community and rural nursing.

McMurray and Clendon (2011) assert that families help members become healthy, competent people of the broader community/ies in which they dwell and interact through nurturing and guidance about beliefs, behaviours, values and attitudes. Further, they note that there are many influences on health and development that arise from interactions between families and communities. Among the influences that impact on families are social determinants of health (SDoH) and primary health care (PHC) principles at all levels of the health sector.

This assessment requires you to:

Conduct a literature review of 12-15 current peer reviewed journal articles, research reports, texts and/or government documents focussing on the topic you have chosen from the two choices listed below. The choices are:

Childrearing in 5-12 year olds
Enablers and barriers for health and health service access for rural families. (Ill let the writer choose which theyd prefer)

Your literature review:

-must use current literature within the past 5 years;
utilise correct APA referencing;
be written in style, sub headings are not allowed;
must include PHC considerations and SDoH relevant to your chosen topic; AND
must relate to nursing practice, eg. Ask yourself:
what doesx mean for nursing practice? OR
what evidence is there for nursing research? OR
is this supported by nursing research? OR….
demonstrate that you have read widely, compared and contrasted relevant documents regarding your topic and related the literature to nursing practice.

The rationale for assignment one is for the student to:

be able to deliver safe, efficient and competent nursing care associated with communicating and interacting with a variety of families and communities in different contexts.
be able to competently assess, plan, deliver and evaluate nursing care for a variety of families.
-be able to critically analyse epidemiological concepts that impact on the health of families and communities.
-be able to identify, research and provide evidenced based solutions for specific health issues for rural families and communities.
-be able to apply principles of community development as a strategy for enhancing community health within a primary health care framework.
-be able to apply and evaluate best practice in nursing.
-be able to demonstrate consistent application of formal writing skills and evidence of critical thinking in a variety of genres.
-be able to use technology expertly to aid research and present information in a professional manner, consistent with organisational requirements.