Ealth Policies and Nursing Agendas Within Integrated Services.

I have had 2 previous essays done, and would like to assign Charmayne who is author #1361 if possible to do this essay for me.

This is a 4000 word essay tht needs ample references to go with it, more refernces are better than less and all parts need to be backed up by a reference rather than it showing that its my own opinion on something.

The Module title is Health Policies and Nursing Agendas Within Integrated Services. And the essay is asking to, present an essay of 4000 words, appraising a current health care policy issue and ommenting critically on the nurses role within that policy. Ity then beaks down the 100% weightings as follows. 1Describe the concept of Clinical Governance 10%. 2Correctly identify the political, financial and social drivers of this policy 15%. 3 Critically assess the tensions between the providers and users of healthe care 5%. 4 Discuss the role and skills required of the nurse working with this initiative within the Integrated Services 20%. 5 Distinguish the role of the other multi-disciplines and agencies 10%. All these above elements must be covered in the essay, andf the remaining 40% are allocated to evidence of sufficient reading and the use of appropriate referencing along with presentation, organisation and the fluency etc of the essay. Im actually not too sure which current health care policy issue to choose, so if you have any ideas, that is ok, as i dont mind you using any that would be relevant. many thanks, and sorry this is long winded, please, please dont hesitate to contact me at anytime to get more information or anything else at all. many, many thanks, and kind regards, Maria.