Ealth Policy Case Study Analysis Presentation

Rationale/Purpose is comprehensive,supports the purpose of policy process that is actually conducted for a health policy. Clearly shows logical progression on how development took place. Purpose and objectives of presentation clearly delineated. At least 3 learner objectives stated in behavioral terms. Opening of the story: Presentation addresses the beginning or background setting, including the context, need and significant issues, decisions or dilemmas involved. Includes a description of the main people and positions involved.Unfolding of the story: Presentation addresses the key incidents, episodes, or events related to the policy as experienced by the decision maker who was interviewed. Climax and closing of the story: Presentation addresses the Moment of decisionand any additional implications or events important to the story. Where are things now regarding the policy? Public policy theory: Presentation applies a public policy theory to the process of how the policy was developed/implemented.APA , reference section includes correctly cited sources. includes speaker notes are included and fully describe the story.