Ealth Policy on Obesity in Relation to Mental Health Illness

Critically evaluate the role of the mental health nurse in the implementation of health policy on Obesity in relation to mental health illness and effectiveness of the policy.

Introduction; Explore the meaning of health? Epidemiological statistics to demonstrate prevalence/extent of problem. This may include both national and local statistics (England & UK) for comparison. Outline the impact of health from perspective of both the individual and communities.

Body of Essay must demonstrate the following:

1. Critically evaluate the determinants of health, their relevance to health and well-being, and the impact of inequalities of health on individuals and populations.

2. Critically analyse the impact of policies on public health and healthcare access, and the structure, organization and delivery of healthcare.

3. Critically evaluate the role of the nurse in the promotion of health with individuals, families and populations and first contact care.

4. Develop knowledge and skills to assess, plan, implements and evaluate health promotion and public health strategies with individuals, families and populations.

Chose a health promotion framework to illustrate role of nurse e.g Beattie, Stewart Piper, or other modules and frameworks you may wish to explore (see Jennie Naidoo and Jane Wills book on public health and health promotion).

Also critique effectiveness of policy e.g issues of victim blaming, risk taking, society, equality, income gap, resources etc.

Also ensure you comment on client groups and any barriers to health promotion/services identified in policy.

The key websites foor policy and commentary are;

Department of Health (England, UK)

The King Fund

Marmot review

Key Texts
Core Texts
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