Ealth Policy Paper ( policy relating to nursing shortage/staffing/ patient saftey issue.)

Criteria for Policy Paper

Criteria for Policy Paper Possible points
Identify a health care issue that is a bill or a law 1
Describe the following environments that brought this health care concern to the forefront:
Describe the historical environment (2 points)
Describe the sociocultural environment (2 points)
Describe the ethical issues (2 points)
Describe the economic issues (2 points)
Describe the political environment (2 points)
Describe the history of the bill. (Check previous legislative sessions to see if the bill or law has been introduced in earlier sessions. If it has, it will have a different bill number. It is important that you describe the entire legislative history of the issue)
Identify stakeholder group(s) supportive of the legislation, and discuss their efforts to propel the bill forward.
Identify stakeholder group(s) opposed to the legislation, and discuss their efforts to kill the bill.
Indicate how the legislation will be or has been evaluated for its effect on consumers and providers of care.
Compare the policy goal addressed by the bill with how the same goal is achieved in another country (or state) 2
Suggest options for refining/changing the measures/programs in the legislation to improve policy outcomes. 2
Total Points Possible 32
Up to 6 points can be deducted from your total score if the following criteria are not met.
The paper must be typed in 12 point type
The body of paper is not to exceed 8 pages
You must have a title page
You must have an abstract
A minimum of eight references including scholarly journal articles must be used.
Paper and References must be in APA style following the 5th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
Papers are expected to be of publishable quality.
Paper must be submitted on time
Headings must be used in the paper. It is suggested headings relate to the criteria for this assignment.
Papers are to be reviewed by the writer so that grammar is appropriate and there are no misspelled words.
Papers are to be written in the third person (no reference to you or the self but rather an emphasis on the subject)
Papers must be named with your last name. For example, if your last name is Berry you should save your file as Berry health policy paper.