Ealth profile assignment Tonbridge Area


health profile of 3000 words (+/10%).

According to Twinn et al (1990) and Blackie (1998) a health profile is a tool which can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, to:

” Analyse the social, demographic, economic, and epidemiological characteristics of a population
” Enable nurses working in the community to become familiar with the needs of the clients living in a specific area
” Ensure the best use of available resources
” Address inequity
” Identify gaps in services
” Plan health care strategies such as health promotion

These authors identify two stages in compiling and interpreting a community health profile.

” Systematic collection of data
” Data analysis that assesses priority and enables the compilation of a care strategy.

Writing the report

The followings headings suggest one way students may wish to structure the health profile.

This identifies the content and order of the assignment with a rationale for your choice of health need

Overview of the community
Students should give an overview of the community/population/environment. Data that could be included in this section may be obtained from the following sources:

” census data
” local and national data
” community preceptor/mentor

Health need
Having collected the data on the community, identify one health need. e.g. asthma, coronary heart disease, suicide, teenage pregnancies, drug misuse. Make links between the health need and the community.

Health promotion
Identify health promotion that is currently available within your community setting (this could be across agencies) that addresses this health need. Acknowledge gaps in service provision. Make recommendations on potential health promotion strategies that could be implemented including a discussion on how this would be evaluated. Make sure that you are continually linking back to your health need and geographical area.

This should briefly summarise the main points of the health profile. It could include a reflection on the process of health profiling.

When writing this particular assignment, it is extremely difficult to anonymise it entirely, as you will have been used to doing in other submissions. For this reason, these additional guidelines have been compiled. Please see a member of the Public Health teaching team if you require any further clarification on this matter.

For the purpose of this assignment please find enclosed guidelines relating to the statement on the Student Declaration:

 I have maintained confidentiality by using a pseudonym for any patient / client referred to and have not named Trusts or clinical areas.

What you may include:

Publications that are in the public domain. This means any books, articles, internet information, and leaflets etc that are accessible to the public. In this section you are able to include data from the census, strategic health authority etc. You are allowed to name the authority e.g. primary care trust.

What you may not include:

Any information obtained from your clinical area that identifies the patient / client / GP practice / Primary Care Trust etc. All of this information must be removed so that no person or area can be identified e.g. .names / logos.

Please Try to use asthma as a Heath Need.

Thank you,
Please use the Chicago Manual Of Style