Ealth Promotion Model and Health Belief Model Discussion

Im a bedside nurse working in intensive care unit.

In this discussion, compare and contrast the Health Belief Model and the Health Promotion Model; defend which model best meets your beliefs and practice.

Read the information on the following health models prior to participating in the discussion board (links open in a new window):
Health Promotion ModelImage of an icon that represents Opens in a new window”
Health Belief Model (HBM)Image of an icon that represents Opens in a new window”
Compose a short narrative (250-300 words) in the discussion space.
Describe which of the two models of health more closely relates to your professional beliefs and practices.
Defend your choice with two personal examples.
Support your choice with one reference from the nursing literature.

the website for HEALTH PROMOTION MODEL is health_belief_model.html

Text books are
culturally competent health care (3rd ed.) by Purnell, L. D. (2014)

Physical examination and health assessment (6th ed) by Jarvis, C. (2012).