Ealth Promotion Program for the Elderly

You can pick.
Constructing a health promotion program: Optimal health is more than just the absence of disease. Construct a health promotion program that focuses on promoting optimal health for older adults. Select a specific health condition facing older adults that is covered in the text. Design your health promotion program to address the specific causes of the condition, the potential for social stigma, and adaptations that can be made to alleviate the condition, as well as the proposed programas structure, goals, objectives, and potential results. Evidence from scholarly sources must support your program.
Use of APA format will be considered in grading. The paper must include title, abstract, and reference pages in addition to the 8 pages required for the body of the paper. APA citations must be used. At least two levels of headings are required to organize the paper.
10 Points Abstract provides a brief and comprehensive summary of the paper.
a? Begin this section with the most important information and limit it to the four or five most important concepts, findings, or implications of your research.
a? It should be accurate, self-contained (spell out abbreviations), concise (120-150 words, 250 maximum), and specific.
Body: Introduction
10 Points Paragraph or two addressing:
a? Why this issue is relevant or important.
a? To whom it is important.
Transition from general information to specific information.
Body: Content
40 Points a? Body is at least 6 full pages.
a? Paper is well organized:
o Paragraphs are unified, coherent, and effective.
o Transitions are provided between ideas.
o Headings are used for organization.
a? Paper is well written:
o The student shows familiarity with the reading.
o Critical, analytical and informed thinking is evident.
10 Points a? Thoroughly written
a? Clearly reminds the reader of the preceding content
a? Gives evaluations or recommendations to address the issues discussed in the paper on a social, political or economic level.
5 Points Sources include assigned texts and scholarly journals that are freely available at the Columbia College library. These references should be relevant to the content of the paper, and the student should adequately apply them as supporting material through review and comment.
APA Style
10 Points
(1 point for each of the 10 items listed.) Page 1 (Title page):
1. Running head, properly formatted and correct length, with page number.
2. Title and author/affiliation information placed correctly.
Page 2:
3. Proper information in header of page 2 and each page following (SHORTENED TITLE and correct page numbering).
4. a?Abstracta? at top of page, centered.
5. Abstract is block text, not indented.
Page 3 and following:
6. Double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, consistent one-inch margins on each page.
7. Full title at top of page 3, centered.
8. Proper use of level 1 and level 2 headings.
Last page (Reference page):
9. a?Referencesa? at top of page, center-justified.
10. References properly formatted, with second and following lines indented.
15 Points a? Proper punctuation, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure will be closely examined for college quality. Deduct 1 point per error.
a? Deduct 5 points for each improperly cited paragraph (when quoting or paraphrasing).