Ealth Promotion Program Proposal Report

Detail of assessment task:

This assignment relates to achievement of competencies in designing, planning and evaluating a new health promotion initiative that will attempt to reduce inequity. Specifically it includes a rationale, needs analysis including analysing a health problem, where you will note equity issues, setting intervention goal and objectives and planning strategies and evaluation.
Apply the Ottawa Charter and address determinants of health. ONLY population-level apporaches to intervention (including social marketing) may be used.
* Educational approaches MUST NOT BE USED, which are as you know the least effective health interventions.
Nor may students report on a previous or current proposal you are expected to come up with your own ideas, for a small local area project. Think about a health concern in your local area not a state wide project.
The report should include the rationale, needs analysis, project goal and objectives, details of strategies to be implemented and by whom, and expected outcomes. A format for the final report will be provided.

Marking Criteria
Written Presentation:
-use of report format and strict compliance to word limit
-adherence to correct referencing procedure with all sources referenced. Do not just drop references in at the end of sentence or paragraphs integrate author and year or report title and year into sentences. Page refernces must be provided for quotes.
-quality of written expression, grammar, spelling, punctuating and presentation. Brevity is the key.

-convincing project rationale and feasibility ie good reasons why this should be funded with solid of evidence base ie literature support, consultations and data. At least fifteen recent references.
-considered inclusion of project stakeholders and menthods of engagement
-succinct statement of project health goal as defined in the lecture notes for this unit.
-demonstrated understanding of Ottawa Charter principles as shown in proposed objectives and strategies
-analysis of equity issues and strategies for ensuring access to the program for disadvantaged groups
-critical discussion of potential facilitators and barriers to project implementation
-demonstrated understanding of and appropriate use of evaluation indicators ie health outcomes, envirnmental impacts and process or QA indicators.