Ealth Promotion: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, their consequences, risk factors and health Policy in UK and globally

* The assignment must be well structured with a clear and very good introduction outlining how you intend to answer the question. (key themes and structure)

* The assignment must have a conclusion that draws together the evidence presented and the issues discussed within the assignment.

* The assignment must contain relevant reading used to illustrate the points made. These should be taken from a variety of sources.

* Avoid description. Description involves recounting details of a topic, presenting them as a?factsa and taking this as face value as though there may not be another point of view or that the issue is straight forward and uncontroversial.

Critically discuss the key issues i.e. present arguments for and against the issue under scrutiny and consider the validity, meaning, insights or understanding that can be gained. This way you can consider all the relevant points and come to a balanced (not one sided, prejudiced or over simplistic) conclusion.

* Ensure that all content relates directly to the question.

*Do not use direct quotes,

* You must present and explore, in depth, a balanced argument. The piece of work should demonstrate evidence of critical analysis and synthesis of your reading and your own intellectual interpretation. You should demonstrate evidence of wide reading.