Ealth promotion strategy for asthmatic children

Please note: This paper needs to be compared with Taiwan”. E.g. To Compare the health promotion strategies between Taiwan and U.K or Northern Ireland. (Comparing these two countries only). Otherwise, I would like to require Writer #2957 Stephen to write this paper for me. Many thanks.

A:Demonstrate a knowledge of pathophysiology when assessing, planning and evaluating care of the asthmatic child.
B:Demonstrate an understanding of psychosocial and cultural impact of asthma on child and carers.
C:Analyse the nurse role within the multi-disciplinary team in promoting patients self-management.
D:Analyse the skills necessary for applying health promotion strategies according to individual patient needs.
E:Critically disscuss the relevant pharmacological agents used in the treatment of asthma.
F:Critically utilise relevant research/reading material to enhance the care of person with asthma.