Ealth Promotion Teaching Plan of the management of a Abdominal Fistula

Grading Rubric;ASSESMENT of LEARNING NEEDS OF THE GROUP.(the group is registerd nurses I work with and one Doctor in our practice). Included in this assesment is; Knowledge level, Developmental level;Cultural considerations;Special learning needs; Preferred learning style;Readiness to learn; Health status.LEARNERS OBJECTIVES; include three domains of learning(affective cognitive,psychomotor); learner centered, clear,concise, measureable. TEACHING PLAN;Outline of content accurate,clear,appropriate for learner; Content health related; Teaching-learning strategies based on appropiate theoretical princples.EVALUATION; Evaluation strategies clearly identified in teaching plan;Evaluation straegies appropriate for learner;Evaluation strategies include formative and summative evaluation;Evidence of teacher evaluation;Identify strengths and weaknesses,barriers,areas for improvement of teaching learning activity; CORRECT APA GUIDELINES FOLLOWED;GRAMMAR AND WRITING STYLE