Ealth Promotion Theoretical Written Report

Assignment briefing:

This task requires you to write a detailed assignment that demonstrates your theoretical knowledge of health promotion. Your work MUST be referenced to theory throughout. Your assignment must describe and evaluate the following concepts:

a? How socio a economic, environmental and disease related factors have caused and affected ill health from the 19th Century until modern times (1.1)
a? How changing medical attitudes on disease surveillance and immunisation and social attitudes on tackling inequalities have impacted on health issues locally, nationally and globally (2.1)
a? How the role of health education promotes well being within society (3.1)
a? Identify and explain two aspects of epidemiology in the 20th Century that has dealt with disease within the UK population. Evaluate how effective these have been in reducing the burden of disease (5.1)

Your assignment should be approx 1500 2000 words.