Ealth Proposal: D-3 Reduce the Diabetes Dealth Rate

This proposal will need to be in APA format 6th edition and times new roman 12 font only. The assignment must be completed by 11:00 pm central standard time. I will upload links and instructions that are to be followed with no deviation.Body of assignment must be 2 pages in length, not to include title and reference pages.The topic is Health Proposal: D-3 Reduce the Diabetes Death Rate. I will now upload the necessary information. Please use the healthy people 2020 link to access the diabetes section under 2020 Topics & Objectives, then select Diabetes, then select objectives. Under objectives select D-3 Reduce the Diabetes Death Rate, once you have chosen this section, click on the green + sign and use the data under data section, more information. Once in the more information section are some free articles to use. I will upload the article I want writer to use from this source. Writer will also need to use the Center of Disease Control for information on diabetes also.