Ealth Record Structures in Computer-Driven Formats-Paper

a 6to 8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, with detailed speaker notes, describing how the data Health Record Structures in Computer-Driven Formats-Paper, Your presentation must include the following information:
How does your selected structure impact the delivery of health care?
What is the impact of future evolutions of your selected structure on the delivery of health care?
What are the implications of privacy and security management as it relates to your selected structure?
Identify the steps in the system development life cycle of the chosen information structure.
What training can be provided to implement this structure?
What maintenance components are necessary for this structure?
How can the data be used and how can quality of the data be assured? How can you evaluate the effectiveness of the structure?
Are there any hardware issues to consider?
Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed references, not counting the textbook, that directly support your analysis.