Ealth Risks Associated with VOCs and are Alternative Compounds Readily Avaialable in Residential Building Use?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCS) present serious health risks to a homes inhabitants. These VOCs are integral ingredients in paints, stains and fibers such as carpet an furniture.
What are the health risks?

In newly constructed green homes designers avoid using VOC materials.
What are the primary chemical compositional differences in non-VOC products ?
What is the cost-benefit analysis ( for instance, the surcharge associated with an architects use of NON-VOC products. This should be in the literature as a percentage.

Then offer an opinion that the increase in costs is well worth the avoidance of the many health risks.

This is a graduate level paper.

It must have nine journal sources (post-2005 publication dates).

It must be written be an American ( no foreign syntax).

It must be done in 48 hours.

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