Washing powder spray drying

The Thomas Hedley Detergent Company prides itself on running safe operations and it s consideration for the environment.
A suitable balance between automated systems with minimal operator intervention and more manual production will need to be made and included in the overall economics. At a point will safety be compromised.
Given that the identified borders on a residential area, all emission will need to be strictly controlled.

Main topics to be looked after:

” Refer the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and 1995
” BATNEEC( essence of it)
” BPEO(Best Practicable Environment Option)
” The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
” Responsibilities of Employes and employers (general duties of employers)
” Environment audit(objective)
” IPPCD(Integrated pollution Prevention and Control Directive)
” EIA(Environment Impact Assessment)
” HAZOP(Hazard and operability studies)

Environmental Assessment Directive-85/337/EEC
Projects whit a significant effect on the environment, due to their nature, size or location.
Assessment  carried out by a project team of experts

” Likely environmental effects(residues and emissions)
” Description of pollution control methods
” Baseline surveys of the site and surrounding area
” Prediction and evaluation of the environmental impacts

Assessment must include
” Visual impact
” Air emissions
” Water discharges(treatment and disposal options)
” Human health(exposure, Hazards risk)
” Fauna and flora(impacts)
” Site operations(analysis of the risks associated with the plant operation, operational failure, operation noise)
” Traffic(heavy goods and traffic flows, noise from the traffic, accident statistics and routing considerations)
” Socio-economics impacts(the effects of the project on adjoining residents and existing industry, including benefits such as employment and investment.
” Land-use and cultural Heritage-compatibility of the project with existing and proposed adjacent land-use and conformity with local development plans.
” Existing site in the South West of England (residential area)

Formula used to do the washing powder

No ionic surfactant
Bleaches+ activators

The fuel used in the process is natural gas

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The choice of spraying drying process(flow diagram)
Unit operations
Health safety and environment aspects

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