Ealth, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

I Please do not add any sources. Please use my notes in order to write this paper. You dont need to write an essay and just put in two paragraph. Here is my note below:

(1). Longer to chew
(2) Stomach stays Full”
(3) Contain fat and fiber… Eat less
(4). You lose 0.57 lbs

(1). Broken down quickly causes insulin to be released, leads to hunger signals
(3) Contain starch – sugar and eat more
(4). You gain 3.35lbs

II Please write up my evaluation what I learn for this class:
(1). Identify health and safety issues relevant to the care of young children.
(2). Differentiate the nutritional needs of various ages of children and plan economical and nutritional meals and snacks based on the individual needs of children.
(3). Identify symptoms of common communicable diseases and other health conditions that affect young children.

I like this class a lot especially the style of my teacher, Joan teaching I learn a lot from this class.

Ealth, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

For this project, youall research the guidelines for selecting developmentally appropriate toys for a child in a specific age group. Youall provide examples of three toys that manufacturers deem developmentally appropriate. Youall provide all of the requested information and answer all of the questions.
Part 1
Youall research the appropriate guidelines for selecting toys for young children. This information is available on the Internet and in many early childhood publications. Then, write a short essay of 300 to 550 words about what to look for when selecting a toy for a young child. Be sure to cite all of the Web sites and publications that you use to find your information. If you use an Internet article, provide the Internet address of the article.
Part 2
Select one of the following age groups:
6 to 12 months
1 to 3 years
3 to 5 years
Youall select three toys that manufacturers deem appropriate for the age group you selected. For each of the toys, provide the following:
An image of the toy
A detailed description of the toy
Answers to the questions below:
1. Why is this toy developmentally appropriate for a child in this age group?
2. Why is this toy appealing to a child in this age group?
3. Would a parent select this toy? Why or why not?
4. Would you select this toy to use with a child in this age group? Why or why not?
Writing Guidelines
1. Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with one-inch margins. (Donat use any fancy or cursive fonts.)
2. Include the following information at the top of your paper:
a. Name and Complete mailing address. (I will fill in my name, student number, course title myself.)
3. Be specific. Limit your submission to the questions asked and information required.
4. Include a reference page and links to or copies of any articles you used. On your reference page, list Web sites, journals, and all other references used in preparing the submission.
Grading Criteria
Your project will be evaluated according to the following criteria.
Content 80 percent
Written communication 10 percent
Format 10 percent