Ealth Science: Disease: Cardiovascular Disease

Essay to satisfy core curriculum in B2 science.
Discuss: what stimulated the experience and consequent learning regarding a particular disease (family history: grandfather died from blood clot in leg, mother has high blood pressure, husband has high cholesterol); the diseases causes, prevention, transmission, detection, and treatment; the physiological and anatomical factors associated with the disease; if applicable the physiological effects of accute and chronic disease, the diseases course, and the patients recory; the effect on individuals and their families, and relationships among the ill, health-care practitioners, and the community, etc.
Core curriculum credit requirments: address the breadth, depth, and interdisciplinary aspects of topics and/or demonstrate understanding of and literacy in the content and principles of a scientific discipline; perform procedures (e.g., laboratory or field) that explore the content and principles of these disciplines; demonstrate understanding of how to carry out schientific procedures in a socially responsible and ethical manner; accurately observe, record, analyze, and report data.