Ealth Systems, Policy and Financing in Singapore

The task consists of an analysis of a health system of Singapore.

You are expected to undertake an analysis and provide a summary of:
1. Key contextual factors impacting on the health system, the opportunities and the threats these generate for the system
2. A positioning map of the key factors in terms of the degree of impact and the estimated time period within which these will impact on the health system
3. Analysis of the health system in terms of performance (goals and objectives ,i.e. how is the country doing in relation to peers)
4. Analysis of health system organisation
5. Analysis of health system financing (financial design)
6. Analysis of resource allocation and provider payment systems
7. Analysis of health service delivery (e.g. who provides services, quality, use of evidence based guidelines)
8. Your recommendations on what could be done (in terms of modifying a lever) to address a threat you have identified.