Ealth team role in minimizing adverse events in the hospital: literature review

Introduction and background

to answer these questions:
What is adverse eventhow is this terminologically and clinically defined?
Why do adverse events happen? What are the causes and influences of the adverse events in the hospital?
Who is most likely at risk from adverse events?
When should some of the implications health team considered?
How do adverse events influence patient safety, quality of health service, and health care system?
Problemswhat major and minor problems are associated with minimizing adverse events in the different unit and ward of hospital?
Solutionshow can some of identified problems reduced
What are the implications for the health team members toward adverse events?

Research body
This research would allow comparisons to be made between different articles in analyse and critique ways :
1.terms of reference/hypothesis.
2.research design/ method of data collection.
3.sample size and inclusion and exclusion criteria.
4.main results and findings in brief way.
7.strengths, weakness, and limitations of the study.
Bibliographic References, Harvard Style
i would prefer to use references published between 2001 to 2006