Ealth wellbeing& social Care( contemporary issues)

Critically evaluate policy responses toa contemporary wellbeing related issue in health and /or social care.
Topic safeguarding of adults.
1.you need to provide a contextual discussion on welfare & policy& the place of wellbeing.you will then need to ensure that you critically evaluate-preferably drawing on evidencethe strengths& weaknesses of any policy meassures that havebeen taken to be addressed( safe guarding of adults in the UK).
1.knowledge& understanding
On successful completion of this module you should be able to
1a.critically review contemporary developments in the health& social care sector.
1b.discuss the contextual environment of health& social care delivery.
2a critically analyse the link between contemporary developments in health, wellbeing & social care sectors & delivery of services.
2b Critically analyse the impact of contemporary issues in health, wellbeing& social care.
3a Present ideas& arguments in a well-structured &coherent manner
3b select&use appropriate sources of contemporary information in the UK only.

This assignment should talk about safeguarding of adults in the UK, look at personalisation,interagecy working and should do havard refferencing