Ealthcare administration. Paper research

a? Interview someone in health care. This person should be an administrator, director, manager, or supervisor. This should be a non-clinical position (non-doctor, nurse, medical assistant, social-worker, nurse practitioner, etc).
a? Interview/Paper objective a find out items such as:
o What is their role in the organization?
o Typical day
o Favorite and least favorite part of the job
o Their biggest learning curve on the job
o What type of professional learning do they actively seek out?
o Professional memberships?
o Certifications?
o What do they look for when they interview for new positions in their organizations?
This is just a guideline to get you started. Please be prepared with a list of question for the interview so it can flow easily and be professional. Always ensure you are professional. Interviews can be in person (ideal) over the phone, or via e-mail. Spelling and grammar will be part of your overall score.
The paper should be at least three pages double spaced 12-point font.
a? Your paper should include your interview questions and the individualas response.
a? Include relative information from his course and others in your major that will prepare you for this type of work.
a? What was the most surprising thing you learned during the interview? Why?
a? I will need to know who you interviewed, what organization are they from, their title, and how you obtained the information (in person, phone, e-mail).
a? What did you like most and least about this assignment?
a? Was this assignment beneficial toward your future career goals/plans?