Ealthcare Cost Cuts; Cut Moral with High Performance Expectations

This is a research paper for a Healthcare Research Class. The Topic is in regards to how healthcare employees are required to keep up with high job performance during this time of economic depression that has caused cut-backs such as working with inadequate staffing and inadequated equipment. All along with trying to provide excellent patient care while keeping their morale up.

Paper Requirements

Cover Sheet with:
Title of Paper Healthcare Cost cuts; cut Moral with High Performance Expectations
Your Name Wendi Gann
Date of Submission Current Date
Course Name and Number: Reasearch in Health Care AL460

Paper: Headings: The paper must have headings: (Some examples are: Introduction, Discussion, Reflection, Summary)

Formatting: Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, One inch margins, Double spaced

Submission of papers must be in MSWord or rich text format (NOT WORKS or WordPerfect).

Length: Papers should be no less than 10 full pages long. I will leave the exact length up to you as the papers will be based on completeness  how many pages that it takes will depend on you! The Cover Sheet and Works Cited page do not count towards the 10 pages.

Works Cited (References)Each paper must have at least five (5) references. I will NOT accept any reference from Wikipedia as it is not a legitimate, reliable reference. Citations from Wikipedia will not count towards the 5 required citations.

Style: Use the APA style for writing your papers.

Remember to use citations within your paper! A well cited paper is more informative and gives the reader the impression
that the author knows what she/he is writing about!