Ealthcare delivery compare and contrast

3.2 Healthcare Delivery Compare and Contrast


To assess your ability to compare and contrast past healthcare delivery with the current trends of care delivery.
The one thing you can count on in the U.S. healthcare delivery model is change. Understanding the forces of change in care delivery will be important for healthcare managers. In this assignment, you will give a historical perspective of U.S. healthcare delivery for the past 100 years. You will also compare and contrast past delivery methods with current delivery models.
Action Items
1. Complete the assigned readings for this week.
2. Write a 3 page research paper that includes the following elements:
a? Introduction paragraph that outlines the historical aspect of care delivery in the U.S. for the past 100 years.
a? 1 or 2 paragraphs that identify the driving forces of change over the past century.
a? Identify the changes in healthcare delivery that have resulted from the industry forces.
a? Compare and contrast past delivery methods with current delivery models and assess the effectiveness of the current methods in light of expected future changes.
3. Your paper must follow APA guidelines, and include:
a? Cover page (with your name, course, section, date submitted, and your professors name)
a? Reference page
Note: Your cover and reference pages are not counted in your paper length.
Submission Instructions
By Sunday at 11:59 PM ET, submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document to turnitin.com and the Submit tool. Go to the Toolbox and click Submit and follow the instructions to upload your assignment.
Grading Criteria
a? Content: Relevance of the content as to the specific assignment requirement. Accuracy and currency of the information: 0 25 points
a? Reasoning: Clarity, coherence, and cohesiveness of the analysis: 0 20 points
a? Writing Mechanics: APA formatting guidelines are followed. Correct spelling, grammar, word choices, and sentence fragments. Clear and complete organization of the report or assignment with fluent transition: 0 5 points