Ealthcare Information Technology New System Technologies

investigate a technology in Healthcare Information Technology that is new, cutting edge, or emerging.

You must adequately investigate and define the technology and include the following:
a?Description of the technology
a?How it is used
a?Advantages and disadvantages
a?Barriers to implementation, purchase or use
a?Ease of use/maintenance
a?Cost (if available)
a?How it would be installed in a health care setting
a?Who is currently using it
a?vendors who currently sell the product
a?Consumer benefits

Some topic areas might include:
a?Speech/Voice Recognition
a?Data Mining/Warehousing
a?Digital Signature Certificate Software
a?Encryption technology
a?Robotics in specific fields such as pharmacy, surgery
a?Decision support software
a?PKI Technology (public key infrastructure)
a?Data analytics software
a?Wireless or mobile health care applications
a?Applications used in the home for remote monitoring


Be sure to incorporate technical aspects of the system or application you are writing about not just a description of the subject.