Ealthcare Is health care a right or privlege?

Research Paper
Topic : Healthcare (Is healthcare a right or a privilege?)
Compose a 7-8 page (including title page and references) research paper on a topic of your choice (make sure to discuss it with me first, of course). Don t assume that the reader knows anything about your topic. Use the introduction to define the issue and take an argumentative position, indicated by a clear thesis statement. Then, support that position throughout the body of the essay with multiple good reasons. Each body paragraph should thus begin with a topic sentence that relates to the thesis statement. Your conclusion should re-state your position and bring the discussion up to the big-picture level. Answer this question: why is it important that we subscribe to your argument?

As always, follow APA guidelines. Use at least 5 outside sources (books or journal articles; ABSOLUTELY NO WEBSITES) and cite them appropriately both in the body of your essay (in-text citations) and on the references page.