Ealthcare Policy & Management Project Motheras Room and ADA Compliant Bathrooms

Healthcare Policy & Management Project Motheras Room and ADA Compliant Bathrooms

I need assistance with the following:

a? a review of the literature for Motheras Room and ADA Compliant bathrooms using parameters described below (using NY City, NY State and Federal Requirements),
a? address action plans identifying characteristics (requirements, risks and guidelines) based on objectives defined below,
a? address competencies that should be developed during the course of the project and how it could be met
a? identify all public health implications of this project

Description of project:
a) Introduction (include description of project, literature search and literature review, why is this project important).
Primary literature sources required and copies of all articles or book pages must be provided, preferably in pdf format.
b) Objectives
c) Methods (list and discuss how each learning objective was met)
d) i. Presentation of results
ii. Discussion of competencies (list and discuss how each competency was met)
iii. Public health implications
e) References (minimum of fifteen APA style)

Project Summary

Nature & scope of proposed project:

THE COMPANY is among the worldas largest and most experienced international exchange organizations, dedicated to increasing peopleas capacity to think and work on a global and intercultural basis. THE COMPANY recognizes the importance of supporting team members by providing reasonable accommodations for health resources and services.

THE COMPANY acknowledges the significant health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and their infants. Therefore, THE COMPANY shall provide a sanitary and private space, other than a toilet stall or locker room, to be used as a lactation room by team members who are breastfeeding and/or expressing milk.

Furthermore, THE COMPANY is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for team members with mobility impairments. Although, THE COMPANY currently offers many valuable services to team members with mobility disabilities, it recognizes the need improve bathroom accessibility for the mobility impaired.

1. For this project, I intend to develop a plan to provide a Motheras (Lactation Aid) Room in THE COMPANYas global headquarters located in New York City to provide private rooms for new mothers who wish to continue breastfeeding after returning to work. The policies will be developed in accordance with the workplace breastfeeding support provision in the Patient and Protection and Affordable Care Act (Section 4207) and the guidelines established by the Department of Labor, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

2. In addition, I will be developing a plan for the construction of a a?Type Aa? handicapped accessible bathroom in our global headquarters located in New York City. This assessment will explore DOJ ADA Guidelines, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), and NYS Building Standards and Codes.

As part of this project, we will work to determine the availability of space, develop a capital budgets plan and prioritize resources amongst the list of THE COMPANYaS initiatives and capital plans.

Objectives (please list a minimum of three):

1. By October 20, 2014, increase awareness of the most recent guidelines of NY state and federal regulatory agencies, both suggested and mandated, for the creation of Motheras Rooms and a?Type Aa? handicapped accessible bathrooms with the THE COMPANY-HRS TaskForce approval to be used to provide an action plan to update our THE COMPANYaS facilities, policy and practices related to construction of lactation aid rooms and a?Type Aa? handicapped accessible bathrooms.

2. By November 3, 2014, increase awareness of the possible risks or consequences if changes are not implemented and identify any financial and workforce needs. This data is to be used to assess relevance and risk related to current THE COMPANY policies and practices and results will be submitted for final approved by the internal THE COMPANY VP Risk Assessment Group and THE COMPANY Legal Counsel.

3. By December 4, 2014, compare and assess current THE COMPANY facilities, policies, procedures and guidelines for compliance in the creation of Motheras Rooms and a?Type Aa? handicapped accessible bathrooms and present a recommended action plan for approval by both the THE COMPANY Budget & Finance and Executive Committees.

Strategies to be used:

1. Regular meetings will be convened and communications will be made with members of the THE COMPANY -HRS TaskForce to discuss results of data collected, and to review the aforementioned objectives and strategies. Awareness of THE COMPANY-HRS TaskForce processes, education and promotional materials and services will be communicated to teams, employees, supervisors and co-workers via a coordinated effort between THE COMPANYas Administrative Services and Human Resources department using THE COMPANY Intranet and email distribution lists. The following strategies will be employed by the THE COMPANY-HRS TaskForce:

a. Discuss employee needs and environmental constraints in the current availability of Motheras Rooms and handicapped accessible services at THE COMPANY and pose a plan for improvement.

b. Discuss the value and challenges of implementing the aforementioned projects (for example, approvals, buy-in, process management, ongoing tracking & evaluation, etc.).

c. Research THE COMPANY data and compare it to other organizations and agencies to determine best practices and efficient models for the completion of the aforementioned projects. This will be accomplished by reviewing literature as well as discussing recommendations from architects and other employers who have implemented successful projects.

Site resources to be used (if special permission is needed to gain access to data, records, etc. how it will be arranged):

All site resources will be obtained through my site THE COMPANY supervisor, THE COMPANY Human Resources department and the THE COMPANY project manager from the institutional architectural firm. For other data, I will use publicly available databases for the majority of my research.

1. Site Supervisor
Director of Administrative Services
Weekly and ad hoc Meetings

2. Director of Compensation and Benefits
Human Resources
Ad hoc meetings

Project Manager
Ad hoc and remote meetings

Identify which competencies you will be developing during the course of your project (please identify a minimum of three):

HPM P2 -Describe the development, implementation, and financing of health policy and its impact on consumers, providers and payers.

HPM P9 -Tabulate quantitative, financial, economic and statistical data for decision-making.

BSHP P11 -Describe steps/procedures for the needs assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of public health programs, policies and interventions.

EPI C3 -Describe a public health problem in terms of magnitude, person, time and place.

Final products:

Motheras Room and a?Type Aa? Handicapped Accessible Bathroom Plan