Ealthy Communities-Making Healthy Places

All questions are to be answered with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In the introduction you provide the outline of your answer, in the body you make your key points with facts citing sources, and in the conclusion you summarize your findings. You are to use APA Formatting, which requires a reference list, and I reserve the right to submit your work to Turnitin.com. The quality of your answer is judged based on your following the required outline of the answer, on your use of citations for key points, and on the clarity and logic of your writing. In addition, each question requires a certain number of issues be covered or addressed and to earn points for the question you must address the number of issues specified. This exam is worth 20 points of your total grade.

Answer the questions below.

1. Identify, explain and discuss the five (5) steps in the health impact assessment process. Your answer should reference and use examples from the community of Parramore in Orlando, Florida

2. Discuss the application of public health concepts and epidemiology to the development of healthy communities addressing the built environment and the natural environment.

3. Develop a a?healthy community plana? with a minimum of ten (10) strategies to improve the safety and health of residents in a struggling community, such as Parramore.

4. Discuss the number one condition (poverty) that impacts health negatively in any society, and identify and discuss a minimum of four (4) strategies that planners are able to utilize to minimize the impact of poverty and to improve the health of the community.