Ealthy foodessay and a free bibliography which is offered.

first partEssayHere the task been given to me:
After reading the required articleDivided we eatby Lisa Miller, and doing some research on your own, formulate an argument about the economic divide between those who can afford to eat healthy and those who cannot. You may wish to include such issues as government assistance, nutrition education, and/or food consumption choices (vegetarianism, locavores, paleo, etc.). The paper should have the goal of persuading an audience to take a particular side. Be sure to include consideration of the opposing view.

second part bibliography”.task as been given to me:

Annotated Bibliography Assignment;
Cite and annotate a total of four sources related to your narrowed topic for the final essay. You may use the article distributed in class as one of your four citations/annotations.
An annotated bibliography is a list of potential sources for a researched essay with commentary included on each source.
For each source, you will include a short paragraph (8-12 sentences) which will cover the following information:
a? A brief summary of the source
a? An evaluation of the source
a? A reflection of the sourceas use for your assignment

Assignment Requirements
Third person voice required.
Use MLA format.
The bibliography will include a total of four sources, which may include the article from the textbook (Miller).

I will be grading your citations for accuracy and your annotations for content as well as grammar and punctuation.