Ealthy People, Healthy Places: The Challenge for Public Health

Please complete the task below.
In relation to the given scenario (below), explore some of the stages involved in a health impact assessment (HIA). In the wordage available it would not be possible to complete a full HIA but it is possible to demonstrate an understanding of the process involved by completing the sections discussed in the guidance.

A development company has applied to build 700 new houses over the next 10 years on farmland adjacent to a small, well established, coastal village.
The village currently has a population of 1,600 residents and 631 dwellings. There is a mix of local authority and privately owned housing but young people find it difficult to secure housing locally due to both supply and cost.
The village has a primary school, a part-time doctor, a butcher, post-office, baker, chemist and general convenience store. There are limited recreational facilities other than those that are naturally occurring i.e. beaches, coastal walks.
Many people in the area were employed in the fishing industry, but that has now collapsed and unemployment is presently higher than the national average with many who are employed commuting to larger towns.
The village is a traditional fishing village with narrow roads that become heavily congested particularly in the summer season. Links to larger towns are by a?Aa roads.

Word Allocation: 2500 words (+/-10%)
Weighting: 60% of module mark
a? Your submitted response should take the form of a report.
a? The following is a suggested structure and word allocation

i § Introduction: This should introduce the concept of HIA and indicate something of the benefits and drawbacks associated with it (250 words)

i § Profile: of the areas, communities and interest groups likely to be affected (800 words)
i § Consider key stakeholders
i § Important information from key informants (look at both sides of the debate and consider information from professionals and lay people)
i § What methods will be used to gain this information (qualitative and quantitative)

i § Evaluation: of the importance, scale and likelihood of potential impacts. This could potentially cover a large number of factors which can affect health positively and/or negatively e.g. employment, safety, social capital etc. Your discussion should be substantiated with reference to course materials and extended reading e.g. theories re effects of employment/ transport/ housing/ social capital etc on health (1200 words).

i § Conclusion: summarise the main points and make recommendations (250 words)
i § for progression if you feel the project is of benefit to the health of the area

Referencing Requirements:
Havord style, 20 references all uk sourced