Ear Smartwatch Features, challenges, and Vulnerability

In the past, often we seen on movies people answer calls and take photos through the wristwatch. Today, this fantasy has become reality with implement the internet of things. The (IOT) is fast becoming an important technology which add new features for exchanging data and services across the Internet and electronic devices using Bluetooth, NFC, FRID and Zigbee without any human interaction [1]. Samsung Company produced smartwatch called a?Samsung Galaxy Geara? that able to connect with smartphone. Stakeholders can answer, make calls, talk photo and receive notification of an email from Gear.
The Samsung Galaxy Gear connects to smartphone by two ways: one of the ways is NFC to setup the Gear by Gear manager. Other is Bluetooth to transfer data and services. In this research, I will focus on security side of Gear with confidentiality of data when exchange data between Gear and smartphone by answering the questions:
In doing this research project, we hope to achieve the following goals:
– What is Gear?
– Vulnerability issues with Gear smart watch in security side?