EAST ASIA) 20th century korean history

I looking for instruction who is specialist in East aisa, especially, Korean History.
This is very important essay and it is due on next tuesday.(oct.6)
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The April 7, 1896 editorial of independent wrote:
now that th old order of things is passing away, society is in a state which might be described as intermediate between two forms of crystallization. the old combinations of forces have been broken up or are rapidly breaking up and they are seeking new affinities. the near future will probably decide the mode of rearrangement of the social forced.”

This is to use corsereader, textbook and class notes to explain,

1.Why the editors of The Independent characterized Societyin this way?
2.More specifically, from what crystallization was Korea moving away from in their opinion?
3. How did the editors expect to shape the Rearrangement of the social forceswith newspaper?
4. What new form of Crystallizationdid they hope to achieve?

-Be sure to include in my discussion a treatment of the f undamental ideology of the paper and show how this ideology manifested itself in specific reform proposals.

-Eassy will be answerd these questions!!!
-Need Footnotes and Bibilophy(reference cites)
-Dont write “Korean people say…or “Korean people think..
-use evidences and examples from textbook.
-Be specific (why, who, when, where, why, how..)
-Dont miss to catc up the Thesis.
-Dont focusd on introduction


1.Be sure to discuss the larger political and socio-economic situation of the peninsula in this period
2. You are exected to use Footnotes to credit all sources of information. Reference to editorials from The Independent can be made by date in brackets.
3. You are welcome to cooperate in discussing these questions but you are expected to write your own individual answer. Submission of the same paper or the same passages to two or more students falls under the definition of plagiarism and will be punished accordingly by university.
4. Eassywill be marked in three areas : analysis/argument, content/evidence, and writing.
5. Be sure to answer all parts of the question.