Eath in Venice by Thomas Mann or Jacobs Room by Virginia Woolfrepresentation of wealth/class

For this paper you will develop a topic of your own choosing. Think about what has interested you so far in this course, and develop a set of questions that will guide your research.

-Thesis statement should be regarding topic of the representation of wealth/class.

For this assignment, you will need to assemble a variety of different sources.

Primary: original source materials.

1. Literature that we have read from the course. Other literature from the time period.

2. Letters written by authors.

3. Works of art: painting, sculpture, drawings.

4. Other visual mediums: photography, advertisements, dance, cinema.

5. Music, opera.

6. Works from other disciplines: science, psychology, sociology, etc. Newspaper articles.

Secondary: a commentary or discussion on primary sources.

1. Books/articles of literary criticism. Search the library catalogue and the MLA International Bibliography through the Library webpage.

2. History books.

3. Biographies. Book reviews.

Please turn in a Bibliography with 5-10 sources.

Required sources:
1. A primary source from the course.

2. A non-literary primary source, i.e. a painting, sculpture, piece of music, advertisement, etc.

3. A scholarly book or article that relates to an author from the course.

4. A scholarly book or article that relates to the larger field of modern European literature.