Eath Penalty (Identifying the Problem and Offering the Solution) Essay 3

Here is the last and final installment of the Essays. This is Essay #3, again same topic (Death Penalty) but this time, it is dealing with Identifying the Problem and Offering the Solution. I will be uploading the instructions for this Essay #3 shortly. The Essay is a three page essay, but I am paying for 4. the fourth page is spearate from the Essay and should be by itself. it is a list of sources.

I also will be uploading a separate paper with the list of sources that needs to be done in APA format. It is different from the Essay, not a part of it, but I need to put those sources in the relevant order according to APA standards. It is only one page.

I hope I am not confusing you with all of these orders. If you have any questions, please contact me immediately. I would really appreciate that.