Ebate between Henry George and Andrew Carnegie. ( GUYS, A DEADLINE IS TOMORROW 7A.M) (P.S PLEASE FINISH IT BY THIS TIME )

Debate between Henry George and Andrew Carnegie( Argumentative essay )

Make your argument clear:
1st paragraph: Henry George and problems with industrial capitalism: corruption of government
2nd: Wealthy do not deserve it.
3rd: his solution to inequality
4th transition to debate with Carnegie
5th list some information Carnegie
6th add a new paragraph on debate about solution: Henry George wants workers to be paid more; while Carnegie believes wealthy should administer wealth

Pullman Strike: Andrew Carnegie claimed that inequality is necessary for development of civilization. Argue with Carnegie, using the example of Pullman Strike.

-Pullman town where the company (George Pullmanas) owns everything:
George Pullman creates its own town and monopoly in there.

Eugene Debs and the strike starting: The National Guard coming in: the violence:
– Conclusion: argument against Carnegie or agree with:

Describe the town, describe the workers, describe the monopoly, describe the money workers get paid.

Ludlow Massacre:
New York times claimed that the strikers at Ludlow were savage minded men who now have access to the most advanced weapons of civilization.

.Write an argumentative essay disagreeing with the New York Times article.
– Rockefeller family sending in Baldwin
– Detectives
– Children and women killed
– Poor working conditions
– Horses riding down women in the streets of Trinidad
– Conclusion: who is the savage?