Ebate Essay Issue: Globalization (pro)

In this essay, take a stand on a debatable topic: local, regional, national, universal, even spiritual. Topic matters less than suitability to you, the audience, and the limitations on length imposed by the assignment. You might show a bit of courage and try to change minds, or you might take the safer road and merely try to confirm already held beliefs or motivate to action. Theres little less valuable to an intelligent reader than an apology-however well written-for his own biases and opinions. Why not challenge the reader to think again about long cherished-but, perhaps, wrong-headed-beliefs.

When writing on a debatable topic, first establish the importance of the issue and explain, briefly, the nature and history of the debate. Remind the reader, if necessary, of prominent names and events associated with the issue. Summarize both sides so the reader can derive some feel for the argument before hearing your opinion.

Then take your stand, firmly but reasonably, thoughtfully and specifically. Say exactly what you think and why you think it. Acknowledge, then rebut as much as possible, viewpoints opposed to your own. Conclude with a reassertion of your point and a resounding call to action. And remember this: Before you can advocate one side in a debate, you must first make yourself conversant in the larger issue. Read around. Become an expert in your subject.