Ebate Groups: Government Intervention vs. a?Laissez Faire.a?

Government Intervention vs. a?Laissez Faire.a?
One of the most controversial debates in economics (and general society) is the appropriate role of the government. On the one side, you have the a?Laissez-Fairea? position that argues against state intervention, and says that the a?market should be left alone,a? because the market will yield the most efficient and optimal outcome. On the other, you have various groups that argue for state intervention, and also for the government to provide public goods.

I have to argues against state intervention.
Here are the topics:
2)Government and Prisons. Should the government privatize prisons and allow them to be run as private, capitalist firms? How would this impact government budgets, AND how would this impact crime?

And please also prepare 4 questions that present challenges to the opposition