Ebate: Pros and Cons of Nursing Compact (Multistate Licensure.

Select an issue that influences nursing practice. Submit your topic by the date on the schedule. You will be graded on the rubric posted.
Written Paper (60 points):
Using recent nursing journals (no more than three years old) prepare a 3-4 page paper. You must have at least 3 peer-reviewed references. Prepare to give a brief classroom presentation of the issue on the date listed on the schedule. The paper and presentation should include the following information:
Describe how your topic has become an issue. (10 points)
Describe how the issue influences nursing practice. (10 points)
State your opinion of the issue. (10 points)
Identify research studies that support your opinion. (10 points)
Analyze the legal and ethical concerns related to the issue. (10 points)
StyleAPA format, spelling, grammar, references (10 points)

Debate: Pros and Cons of Nursing Compact (Multistate Licensure.
please do a powerpoint with the topic above and 3 to 4 pages double spaces of APA format.