Ebate topic: agree with China will become a democracy within 10-15 years

This is a debating topic, so please write it more informally and with more of a spoken language.
-you can you bullet points as long as it is clear what you are illustrating
-please at least have 2 historical events to support that China will become a democracy within 10-15 years

-please have at least 4 to 5 main points on why Chiana will become a democracy within 10-15 years, and please also support it with evidence.

-please contain historical background, nowaday politics and other useful material, as this is a hard topic to debate…please try your best..Thank you for your attention and sorry for any inconvience.

I will upload a material-essay that is written by anotehr writer which is against China will become a democracy…if possible, maybe you can find weaknesses in the debating essay and emphasize on it..(its only a material to help for more ideas)

-Required Reading:
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