Ebates regarding the Compromise of 1850

As you know by this point, the debates over the Compromise of 1850 proved vicious and intense. Read the three speeches about the Compromise of 1850, one penned by William Seward (a powerful New York politician), one by John C. Calhoun, and one by Daniel Webster. Two are against the bill (Seward from an abolitionist perspective and Calhoun from that of slavery), and one is in favor of Clays bill (Webster). Pay close attention to Sewards speech, as he references a higher law we must obey. He is referring to Gods Law. Read through all three of them before writing your essay. Make sure to address all three, to compare and contrast them, and to provide good historical insights.

Write a response essay of at least 550 words (approximately 2 pages double-spaced). The essay will be graded based on how well it demonstrates that you have read, understood and carefully considered the content of the speeches. Do not simply give a summary of the speeches. Instead, show that you have read the speeches and that you have thought carefully about their implications. Provide a critical analysis of the speeches, the people who wrote them, and the ideas contained within (some emphasis on the biblical reference is needed). Though no outside sources are required, feel free to employ any that you find helpful, and make sure to use proper references in APA style.

HERES THE 3 SPEECHES ............

William Henry Sewards Higher Law Speech

III. On the Clay Compromise Daniel Webster (1782a 1852

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