Ebating Cinema and Time in film Inception

essay must produce a sustained argument, a rigorous methodology (even if it is developed from a range of materials) and plentiful support from critical literature and scholarly articles.

In film Inception (Christopher Nolan, 2010) discuss selected aspects of its style with reference to Bersoni and Dutoits theory ((Chapter 3 a?One big soula, in Forms of Being: Cinema, Aesthetics and Subjectivity (London: BFI, 2004), pp. 124-178) . Whilst you are required to draw on this approach, the focus of the essay is engaging style and meaning of your chosen film with the theory given above with the matter of TIME (include several sequences from film which are visually and stylistically rich in meaning and discuss them ).

You will be expected to demonstrate detailed close textual analysis using appropriate terminology and language, paying attention to key elements of the film and the development of an argument.

Referencing Requirements:
in-ciite referencing ( footnotes) and at the end of the paper

please use academic books, rather than internet websites

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