Ebating Structured vs. Unstructured Methods

Review Chapter 5 in Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive approach. In this chapter Maxwell mentions the differences between a structured and an unstructured approach to qualitative methods. To what extent do you agree with the point of view that an unstructured approach to qualitative methods can be desirable? Under what circumstances might this be true?
Write 2-3 paragraphs comprising your position in this debate of the merits of structured vs. unstructured methods for qualitative research. Be sure to include direct references to maxwell to indicate agreement with or refutation of a stance.
I do not have copy of maxwell book. Please check online and maybe you can get an e-book on that chapter only. visit sage website. please let me know if you have any question.
Maxwell, J.A. (2005). Applied Social research methods series vol 41. Qualitative research design an interactive approach (2nd ed). Thousand OAks, CA: Sage Publication.