Eception and Motivational Appeals for Persuasive Communication class

Assignment: Motivational Appeals and Deception Essay

In a minimum of 2 full pages this APA formatted paper seeks to answer 1 of the questions below. Some have multiple parts so be sure to respond to everything the question is asking. If an example is required, please use only original, knowledgeable, and content driven 3rd person examples; do not imitate ideas from Internet sites (they will be discovered), and please do not use personal, first person examples (they will need to be revised). Please do not repeat or restate information, ideas, or opinions, rather follow up the statement with proof via a citation or example.

1) Using what you know about the Four-Factor Model and Interpersonal Deception Theory, explain how a police interrogator might go about deciding whether a suspect was lying or telling the truth. Be sure to discuss each component of the model/theory in your answer.

2) Which combinations of motivational appeals are complimentary, and why? Which combinations should be avoided, and why?

3) The definition of motivational appeals is An external inducement to increase a receivers drive to do something.In your opinion, which framing devises most associate themselves with motivational appeals? Why?

Your paper should be written in APA format, including a title page, introduction and conclusion. Include 2-3 references beyond your text to support your opinions, citing your references in text and in the references section. Textbook for this class is provided below in APA format:

Gass, R. H. & Seiter, J. S. (2011). Persuasion: Social influence and compliance gaining. (4th ed.). Boston: Person Education, Inc.