Eciding whether to use flexible staffing

Read attached Case study on Deciding Whether to Use Flexible Staffing and questions 1-3 in 3 FULL PAGES of content.

Use following directions to make it a strong case study.

The use of bullet points is appropriate and an excellent way to provide information,
* Please include an abstract. This provides a situational analysis that I use to review and understand your findings,
* Work on professional writing, e.g. terminology. A quick way to improve this area is to read the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, etc. All of these are excellent examples of strong business writing. These publications can help your professional terminology tremendously. Please do not be too casual in your writing style. Get in the habit of using professional terms and writing these papers as memoranda to your employer,
* Proofread, proofread and proofread one more time. Watch sentence structure, fragmented sentences as well as run on sentences, make sure all fact statements are supported with references, watch comma placement, and ending sentences with prepositions. I have very little tolerance for grammatical errors from graduate students. Also, make sure your terms are correct. For example, there versus their.
*Multiple references are always better.