Ecimal, 2as compliment Binary, Hexadecimal and Octal Conversion

The portfolio submission should take the form of a report (MAX of 8 pages for the report. Appendices will not count towards this total).

A report should contain
1. Introduction.
2. Outline of the problem.
This is usually an aim and objectives. For this report, a paragraph explaining the desired outcome is sufficient. The purpose of the project, how it will work, what are the input requirements and output requirements.
3. Project design.
This should cover the design of the hardware (and any alterations you have made for this to function appropriately), how it is interfaced with the Arduino and an explanation of the software design. It is expected that the software design will be presented either as pseudo code or as a flow diagram.
4. Implementation.
A description of which elements of your project you successfully completed, issues you overcame successfully and issues you were not able to overcome. Describe each part of your code (simply edit the comments you included in your software into something that makes sense to the reader). Also include any changes that were necessary to your original design that did not become clear until you were at the implementation stage. Include your particular circuit design, indicating which pins on the Arduino were used and for what. Your code should be included as an appendix.
5. Critical evaluation.
Discuss how successful your project was, what you would have done differently and which parts you are particularly happy with.

Portfolio Exercise : Decimal, 2as compliment Binary, Hexadecimal and Octal Conversion
Nice simple one for your final portfolio submission. Create and demonstrate a system that converts between the 4 formats.
1. 2as comp Binary to Hex
2. 2as comp Binary to Octal
3. 2as comp Binary to Decimal
4. Octal to 2as comp Binary
5. Octal to Hex
6. Octal to Decimal
7. Hex to 2as comp Binary
8. Hex to Octal
9. Hex to Decimal
10. Decimal to 2as comp Binary
11. Decimal to Hex
12. Decimal to Octal

Things to note:
1. Input should be through serial monitor and output should be through either serial monitor or through the LCD display (better marks for LCD display).
2. Output should show original input on one line and converted value on second.
3. Provide a simple menu system for the user to choose the conversion required (better marks for better menus).
4. You should return to the menu after each conversion.
5. The converter should work for the equivalent of an 8-bit binary value (remember it is in 2as compliment).
6. The decimal value can be negative.
7. Trap errors in the input.

A graphical representation of the sequence of operations in a system
In an information system, a flowchart would show how data flows from source documents through the computer to final presentation to users.
A program flowchart would show the sequence of instructions in a single program or subroutine.