Ecision Analysis for Management Judgment

Decision Analysis for Management Judgment, Paul Goodwin&George Wright, 4th Edition, Wiley Press -I use this book in class. So this book must be a foundation of the essay. Here is essay topic. Thx 🙂

*Part B (Individual Portfolio)

In no more than 800 words, build up a portfolio of the following topics:

a) Types of Heuristics
b) Notion of SMART
c) Concept of Simulation
d) Bayeas Theorem

This assignment is designed to evaluate your overall understanding of this module.

Your portfolio should demonstrate planning, research, critical, analytical and decision making skills.

Part B covers Learning Outcomes 1 and 4

Max. 800 words

Special Instructions

The student should adhere strictly to the maximum word count (excluding tables and references).

Notes on References

It is important to reference sources in accordance with the referencing conventions recommended for the course. These conventions apply to information taken from Internet sources, books, journals and lecture notes.

Assessment Criteria

The assignments will be marked on the following criteria:
a? Content
a? Application of theory
a? Structure / Presentation
a? Evidence of research
a? Relevant sources and accurate referencing (bibliography)