Ecision making and planning under low levels of predictability: Enhancing the scenario method

1. Focus on an article on Global Strategies.
2. Read the article carefully.
2. Write a summary of the main points the author/s make in the article.
3. Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the author/s arguments.
Do you consider that the article makes a valuable contribution to the science and art of strategy development and execution (in the global context)?
I recommend that in order to undertake this critical analysis you contrast the arguments made by the authors of your chosen article with those made in other articles on the recommended reading list or that you source yourself from the library or other digital media.
4. If you were the CEO, CFO, or Head of Strategy for a major MNC would you value what these authors have to say? Would you try to implement their ideas in your corporation? Why or Why not?

Please FInd Article Attached and also guidelines and marking sheet